Neurosurgery What We Treat

Our Department offers a range of treatment options, including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

Extensive Experience in Neurosurgery

We provides a comprehensive Neurosurgical & Spinal service based at Neursurgery Spine & Brain Hospital Australia.

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Meet Our Neurosurgons

Our Neurosurgons provides a comprehensive Neurosurgical & Spinal service based at Neurosurgery Clinic at Australia. He also developed expertise in endoscopic anterior skull base surgery.

Dr. Cemaroen Laywer

Mbbs, Ms Surgical Specialist

Dr. Alana Hopley

mbbs, Associate Professor

Dr. Noah Parker

Brain Specialist

Dr. Rory Wise

consultant neurosurgeon

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Opening Hours

  • Monday :06:00 Am - 08:00 Pm
  • Tuesday :06:00 Am - 08:00 Pm
  • Wednesday :06:00 Am - 08:00 Pm
  • Thursday :06:00 Am - 08:00 Pm
  • Friday :06:00 Am - 08:00 Pm
  • Saturday :08:00 Am - 04:00 Pm
  • Emergancy :(anytime call us)

Neurosurgery Locations

A neurosurgeon is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment. We provide treatments our four locations in austraiia.


54 Banksia Court CARPENTARIA QLD 4823


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85 Junction St BENARCA NSW 2710


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34 Marrient lomp SENATA NSW 3200


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99 Foreshore Road MARANGOO WA 6064


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